Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not so... cut & dry

I spent the afternoon with a group of friends, we were 5 in number 3 girls and 2 guys, the conversation traveled the slippery sloppy road of the weather,to places, politics, events, people, music and finally shot down to relationships.

Why do men cheat?

The guys contended that, men since time memorial have been polygamous by nature. If anything, monogamy is the exception and not the rule. A look at the Biblical great men says it all, hell Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.
However my question then is, was that the true intention of God?_ how come he did not make a multitude of Eves for Adam then?
They muddied the waters, by shifting gears from Christianity to Islam_ , we limited our comeback to different strokes for different people.

Then came the lame justification about variety being the spice of life. In that case if a woman also decides she’s bored with the same old light soup, and would like her some peanut soup, shouldn't that fly?

Of cos they found it totally unacceptable_ double standards rules

Lastly came the blame card; about how women push them into the arms of other women and on and on they went…

Why do women cheat?
We argued that unlike men it is “normally” not in our nature_ but of cos there are exceptions. However, should a woman cheat on her man, the problem is mostly because of the man_ he must have stopped loving her, or simply has not mastered the art of loving her_ of cos they wasted no time in butchering us lol


  1. multitude of Eves? Then i guez u and I wud not be born coz it wud not only hav been fallin for the devil's temptation...hehehehe....(fill in the blank space with ur imagination). Anyway i think men cheat sometimes coz they r bored. Sometimes too out of adventure. At other times too, men cheat to fill a vacuum they r experiencin wit their partners; ie therez sumfin their partner lacks which they find in someone else. In the long run however, thurz always THE ONE no matter the number of other women.

  2. @Nana Akwasi, where have you been? Good to hear from you, thanks for the comment, i should think your reason applies to both sides of the coin no? Women also get bored, they have vacuums_ but in their case, it will still not fly abi?

  3. No multiple eve... Adam's ribs are counted lol... Just passing by... No particular judgement tho

  4. Lol same shit. Maybe you weren't butchering the man enough and he went and found another. The most profound excuses can be made for either party but when it simply comes down to it, if the sex is wack then either party is gonna end looking for better sex. Its always what it comes down to no matter how you twist it.