Friday, July 8, 2011

Read the sign

NYC is sprouting with Africans at every corner, and for some reason you would think each persons nationality is imprinted on their foreheads or something, cos you just know.

So when picking up my medical report, and this brother accidentally or calculatedly bumped into me and sent my envelop flying. I noticed two things_ that he was totally hott, nice teeth, but the first thought was that he looked Ghanaian.

So when he apologized in his LAFA_ locally acquired fake accent, my hand was on the money_ oh! I’m sorry_ could not escape the deep rooted Ghanaian accent, and my “ Its okay” must have been splotched with the same inescapable root, because the next line was; I’m Kobby_ and here I thought I looked kind of exotic or Nigerian lol

*turned out we went to the same college_ small world*


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