Friday, August 26, 2011

Total sham

The first phone call came from a lady_ she informed me, i had been randomly selected to win a $500 grocery voucher. In order to receive it, i was only required to pay a confirmation fee of of $4.99.
So if i would kindly give her my credit card number i should expect the voucher within 3 to 5 days.

For a split second, she aroused my interest, then my alarm bells went off. Why should i give out my credit number to some total stranger?
I explained to her, i could do no such thing without any verification or whatsoever. Assuming i had received the voucher already and had to pay some amount in order to access it, perhaps then i would consider that possibility.

She went into some winding soliloquy about her organization and their genuineness blah blah... I wondered which side of the bed she thought i woke up from that morning, or perhaps i might have the word 'moron' imprinted on my forehead.

I politely thanked her and informed her i was not interested in receiving any voucher and hanged up_ that was about 5 days ago

Yesterday_same number, same story, the only difference; male voice.

Me: i 've heard all that you've said sir, but i am not interested in your offer

Man: but madam! you have been randomly selected

Me: are you kidding me, when did wining anything become by force_ click...

NB_these people must think, we are all a bunch of idiots.


  1. ha haha.... oh aku babes!!!lol.. u wud have been totally screwed!!!..big time!!! thanks to ur stars for not losing ur head upon hearing the *good news voucher* he he he...lmao..


  2. Omg!you would have been burnt big turn had you fallen for that line.