Monday, November 7, 2011


What is the title of the movie in which Mel Gibson is able to read the minds of women_ what a girl wants or what a girl needs, or none of the above lol.

We are so different from the male counter parts, and though we will never really figure out what makes the other tick, I sure wish that each time we encounter the opposite, we don't forget we are not of the same sex, thus the need to be considerate of their wants and their needs.


  1. "What Women Want" is the movie.

    Good observation though. On the flip side, being cognizant of the difference can dispose one to step outside of themselves, creating a situation where one is not being one's self in conversing with a person of the opposite sex. This lack of confidence can mar the convo. Just my thoughts.

  2. You have an award. check my blog for it girl.