Wednesday, February 16, 2011


“Locally Acquired Foreign Accent”

Do you have one? Or like me, it pops up in your phone voice :-)

Yes everybody has a phone voice,and depending on the caller, or place, mood, la-bra-la, la-bra-la it changes

Boo hates my LAFA, but seriously; I’m not conscious of when it kicks in. He says it’s no excuse, because if suddenly he started speaking Spanish, he’ll know lol...

Last night I was listening to the radio; the host calls some random number and plays a prank on the unsuspecting victim. The LAFA at the end of the line! _ Charley! No size

The phony American accent_ I’m sure the recipient was going for, no bi children. It was simply something else. My ears got bruised just from listening _ Ouch! Still hurts lol
We dey Ghana ooo... If ebi British accent sef, we go fit take am like that :-)

I sure hope my brief LAFA episodes sound nothing like the one surfing the radio waves.


*la-bra-la_ extra, etc*
*No size_ No competition*
*No bi children_ no child’s play*

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Versatile & Stylish

Who me???.... Oww... thank you, I’m blushing.
Enyonam and Prettykay, i feel so honoured. I equally enjoy your beautiful writing skills, keep up the good work _ cheers to us!

Okay, here goes seven things about moi_ that’s if you haven't figured it out yet lol

1. I laugh when I’m in trouble, i still don't understand why i do that
2. My feelings bruise easily_ so I’m somewhat of a cry baby
3. I have a thing for French guys, maybe it’s dzz... accent
4. On a very bad day, I’m a typical Ga girl_ rude and aggressive
5. I'm a romantic. Yes, love makes the world go round
6. I'm in to cars, i guess the thought of operating such powerful machinery, turns me on :-)
7. I wish i had soft curly hair, i would have gone natural.

15 v & s bloggers_ oops they've all been awarded already :-( No! It's not because i'm feeling lazy ooo... lol