Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Red Alert!

For days, hungry eyes over there looks at me like I'm the special fried rice on the Chinese menu.
He has no qualms about hiding it, he catches my eye each time ,and with a wolf like glint gives me a once over a smirk a corner away.
As though the calculated act wasn't unsettling enough, he rubs his palms all the while holding that stupid smug.
My back to him now, I still feel his stare tearing through my flesh.

Somewhere in my mind, I'm haunted by Red Ridding Hood's voice, "grandma, grandma such huge teeth you have"

"All the better to eat you my dear"


  1. Next time, walk up to him and ask him why in the hell he's doing that.

  2. Hehe... You berra map out your yielding or escaping strategy.

  3. Lol, ladies he's some macho man bi ooo... I best avoid him like a plague :D