Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Miss lolo

I’ll admit it, I’m still dreaming about bulging boobies, size triple D lol. Sadly it ain't gonna happen, unless of course you all will contribute to buying me some, I hear it’s cheaper in Brazil_ find the account number below ;-)

I’m I insecure about my palm fitting ones? _ Duh!... So you see, the last compliment I was and will ever expect to hear, is anything far from these tennis balls, I’m not being vain, but tell me I have a great body, and that will make a whole lot of sense to me_ cos i do :-)

So naturally my first reaction_ you must be kidding me right, I’m i on candid camera?
No i'm not, my friends think I’m strange too, but I just prefer them small,i work better with it

Unless he was pulling a fast one on me, i almost blurted_"where have you been all my life"

Acc: 0101940******


  1. lol... I got told my smaller than palm fitting ones were beautiful n I fell in love. lol

    1. Aww... i wud ve fallen in love too. It's a wonderful feeling when someone accepts you through and through