Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Too much?

A friend bitterly complained to me, how she had become invisible to her man_" Naa, he sees me , but he doesn't look at me, not anymore". What she needed was a listening ear,so I let her vent, and wondered to myself; are we asking for too much?

Clearly all she wants is some attention.

Yes attention, attention, and some more attention.

It is like telling your wife _'I love you'. True if you didn't love her you wouldn't have married her, but she still needs to hear you say it, again and again. She'll never get tired of hearing it, because each time it reassures her of your love.

It's an open secret, happy woman = happy man, you best believe it lol :-)


  1. It's so simple and yet so many men don't get it. smh


  2. Funny thing is they know it too, yet here we are???...

  3. Happy woman = happy man. Enough said.