Friday, March 9, 2012

happily ever after

Sue me, I'm in my twenties and I still love cartoons. Colourful animation lost in the mist of singing and dancing and magic tug at my heart strings.

An imaginary world, where the guy gets the girl at all cost. The witch is vanquished, and wicked stepmother is exposed for her treachery and love conquers the day.

Oh how I wish I was a blue-eyed blondie, with a godmother who could turn pumpkin into a range rover evoque :D

This reality is so much harder, way too complicated, where is fairy when you need one!



  1. so wit u on dis neva imagind a 'range ro. from pumpkin' lmao..piesie

    1. Lol, I'm sure every thing and anything is possible in fairytale land :-) just imagine a potato turning into a jaguar hahahahahaha

  2. i still believe in the fairytale love