Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tall or Short?

Most women will describe their ideal man with the usual "TDH"; Tall Dark and Handsome. With that combination, a girl can't go wrong :-) Personally as far as height goes, either you are taller or we are equal. My mum mentioned when she first met, the old boy, she thought he was incredibly tall, but it turns out he's 5ft8, just an inch or so taller than her. Apparently he deceived her with his platform heels lol _ she should have been more observant, No? How important, is hieght to you?


  1. lol. exact same w/ my son's father. it wasn't until after we were married and had our son that I saw him and realized I was taller than him. He told me we were the same height, he as actually 2 inches shorter than me.

    I prefer taller. they need to keep up w/ me in my 4-5 inch heels. lol

    1. You were blinded by all the love... lol