Monday, October 15, 2012

Too much Tv?

Yes i know, it's been over seven hundred years since i last blogged, and unfortunately i have no excuse :-(, but this i have to blog about. Friday, African Reagent; after work hours, i was 'chillaxing' by the poolside socking in tunes from the band and gossiping away. A few meters ahead was a group of four; three ladies and a gentleman, just by looking at them, anyone could pick out which pairing were the lovebirds. The gentleman excuses himself, and comes back with a bouquet of red and white roses_ yes i noticed him; he was tall, dark and handsome lol, and just like in the movies, he on BOTH knees flower in one hand and the ring in the other, a waiter with what i assumed to be a bottle of champagne came out of nowhere. Then band on queue, switched from old highlife tunes, to rhythms and blues professing eternal love and devotion. Where was the camera crew, is this really happening? She must have said YES, because the next minute they were hugging and licking their faces, and there we were clapping and squealing "yay..." When did Ghanaian men get so romantic, or they are watching too much tv?