Monday, February 27, 2012

Scheming & plotting

You know how you cook up a plan, and play the scenes in your head of how you think or want it to go down. You recite the conversational lines, and hope with all your might that it follows through.

Well unfortunately, the harsh reality is that, it never checks out, ever.
99.9 % of the time, it backfires. People are who they are and react the way they are susceptible to, even if you play all 3 genie cards, wishing for whatever.

Wishes are not horses.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Miss lolo

I’ll admit it, I’m still dreaming about bulging boobies, size triple D lol. Sadly it ain't gonna happen, unless of course you all will contribute to buying me some, I hear it’s cheaper in Brazil_ find the account number below ;-)

I’m I insecure about my palm fitting ones? _ Duh!... So you see, the last compliment I was and will ever expect to hear, is anything far from these tennis balls, I’m not being vain, but tell me I have a great body, and that will make a whole lot of sense to me_ cos i do :-)

So naturally my first reaction_ you must be kidding me right, I’m i on candid camera?
No i'm not, my friends think I’m strange too, but I just prefer them small,i work better with it

Unless he was pulling a fast one on me, i almost blurted_"where have you been all my life"

Acc: 0101940******

Friday, February 17, 2012


Many people get cold feet whenever the seriousness or complexity of an impending personal decision looms.

Getting cold feet could be a case of nerves to committing to an event, or simply the minds way of breaking out of a deal.

There are a number of phases in life which call for definite decisions, leaving very little room for hesitations.
Ergo the mental pressure
__am I making the RIGHT move?

Some say that when you know, you just KNOW.

So if I may ask, is there no room for questions, or doubts at all, no second-guessing?

Must apprehension be completely banished?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Too much?

A friend bitterly complained to me, how she had become invisible to her man_" Naa, he sees me , but he doesn't look at me, not anymore". What she needed was a listening ear,so I let her vent, and wondered to myself; are we asking for too much?

Clearly all she wants is some attention.

Yes attention, attention, and some more attention.

It is like telling your wife _'I love you'. True if you didn't love her you wouldn't have married her, but she still needs to hear you say it, again and again. She'll never get tired of hearing it, because each time it reassures her of your love.

It's an open secret, happy woman = happy man, you best believe it lol :-)