Friday, April 5, 2013

Ready or Not

I tune my mind longest, or so i thought. I tell myself say wey tin no happen before. So as D day come, wey me den matta dey pop wanna faces; eyeball to eyeball, for my mind inside i dey talk " charley... e hard ooo" Sometimes you gotta do wat you gotta do.


  1. Nash you've got to do what u gotta do. Time waits for u no more. Congrats in advance anyway. By the way why did u feel the lovi lovi in ur face on V day was too much wen u had one at hand?

    1. Hey Seth, thanks for the comment, as for the V day business i was only joking lol...

  2. Ok Nash, now I know not to take u seriously when u express an opinion on ur blog lol! Once again congratulations in advance. Will u send me an invitation?